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“Hey there everyone! I have the awesome to write an essay on Asexuality for my English class (I’m so psyched about writing this!!). It’s a compare and contrast essay, and the topic I want to discuss in this essay is the debate on the inclusion of Aces within the LGBT community. I need some good articles to put into the essay, with one being against the idea that we belong within the community (though I’m siding with the idea that we do belong, I need to have one paragraph looking into the other side’s argument as well). I am using an article or two from the Huffington Post’s website where they have 6 parts talking about Aces, but I need other articles. Can any of you direct me to some? I’d greatly appreciate it”

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“Hey! I had something really cool happen and I thought you would appreciate it. So I just transfered to a new college and I joined an accappella group to try and make friends. Everyone seems cool and a couple of weeks ago they held a party for the group to welcome the newbies. I’m not too involved with ace pride stuff personally (like I don’t own anything ace related and I’m just not at a fantastic place with myself regarding my asexuality) but I am aware of a lot of it, so when I saw one of the veteran members of my accappella group wearing a black ring I was like hmm maybe that could mean shes ace but probably not idk. So at this party I went up to her and complimented her ring and she was like “oh thanks it’s my asexuality ring” and I was like OH MY GOD ME TOO and she was like NO WAY. It made me happy because she has a girlfriend and they’re awesome together and recently i’ve been down in the dumps because I think that because i’m ace I can never truly have a relationship but seeing them makes me happy. Idk this was just the first time I really met another asexual person so it was cool.”

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“Cw: invalidation, medical discourse, forced heteronormativity, gatekeeping, corrective rape
Today I had two disgusting experiences. First of all, asexuality came out in my therapy session and she claimed there isn’t such a thing, that it has to do with repression, that sexual attraction is something that eventually happens between a man and a woman and it’s something a healthy grown adult must feel in order to feel complete, and that love and affection necessarily has a sexual part, if not it’s “fake virtual love” (wtf??). She also said labels aren’t necessary. I got very nervous but I tried to explain her and make her understand how hurting this situation was and she was like “well, I don’t deny it might exist but as far as I know sexual attraction is essential, hormones have a major role in everyone, etc.” and kept insisting on how important was sex in a romantic relationship (she didn’t understand that there’s a difference between sexual and romantic orientation).
Later a classmate contacted me (I’m the class representative of my course) and he asked me if I could give him some info about the students’ lgtb movement. I told him I’d gladly find about it and that I was also interested in participating. He was like “oh, I knew my gaydar was right!” and I told him I was asexual, panromantic and enby. Then he started to tell me in a very patronizing way that the acronym is just “lgtb”, that asexual people don’t belong to the movement because their problems are different and that panromantic is basically bisexual. I tried to tell him very briefly about the crap I had suffered as an ace, which included being tried to be “cured” by the medical system and being victim of corrective rape, and he was like “see? It’s not the same!” and kept talking and talking until I said I didn’t want to continue with that useless debate, that I was going to find that group and join it since I’m neither straight nor cis. He didn’t reply.
I’m seriously thinking about stopping seeing that therapist because it’s also too expensive for me and I don’t want to pay for hearing someone invalidate my identity. Regarding my classmate, I don’t know how to face him tomorrow in class and actually I’m worried that if I join the lgtbiqa+ group I’m going to have to deal with more shitty gatekeeping.
Thanks for reading my post. I needed to rant about it.”

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“Hey, I’m doing a project in my English class about Queer representation in popular media, and one of the requirements is field research. So I was wondering if you could set up a poll asking if people think there is or isn’t enough proper representation in the media so I could use it as a survey?”
So here it is: Do you think there is enough proper queer representation in popular media?

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“I just wanted to share an article about asexuality that appeared in my university student newspaper today! It’s so lovely to finally see some coverage – from an ace person at that. It also has a nice wholesome message about ace relationships that is incredibly important.

Sending love to all my fellow aces!

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“Howdy, I’m an asexual medical student who has worked on educating medical students and other healthcare professionals about LGBT health. I want to create a PowerPoint which educates healthcare professionals on health for people on the Asexual/Aromantic spectrum. My question to you folk is what do you want your healthcare professionals to know about asexual health? I’ll condense the responses and use them in the PowerPoint. And when I’m done with it I’ll figure out a way to share it to you all. Thank you!”

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“Hi. I’m writing an article for my university paper on the subject of the importance of representation and and inclusion. Do you have any suggestions?”

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“Hey there!

So I’m doing a project for my alevel art. We have to promote a cause or raise awareness to something that means a lot to ourselves.
For me I wanted to look at the oppression and discrimination within the lgbt+ community.

I was hoping you guys could help me do some primary research and ask the follows of this page about exclusion inside the community. What people have said that may have been hurtful or oppressive.

But for this it’s vital that it’s exclusion made by other members of the lgbt+ community.

Experiences and quotes would be appreciated very much

I’m not just looking at the exclusion for asexuals either, but any sexuality in the community that had been disregarded by another.

I believe that we can’t be accepted by others if we can’t accept eachother

Thankyou :’)”

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“wanted to share something with the group which i found funny at uni a couple weeks ago. I have a professor who lectures on sexual preference as part of his lecture course and one of his slides was looking at viewing times. So he asked us to look at these four images and think about which one we looked at the most. The images were two of conventionally attractive people, one of a baby polar bear and one of chocolate cake. I spent like 80% of the time looking at the cake, and didnt even notice the people until he started explaining the slide. I just wanted to share this because I feel like it makes top ten most ace things I have ever done, and it is really reassuring for me because I have an illness which supposedly affects libido and I was starting to worry if I would remain ace when I got on treatment (I know this is silly).
As a side note, my professor is awesome because both he and his core reading for his course accept and mention asexuality as something valid in the research. 🙂 Just felt like sharing”

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