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“Hi, I’m doing a paper for a Sociology class and I wanted to do it on asexuals and the LGBT+ community, but I can’t find any sociological articles on the subject. Do you know any articles or places I might find one?”

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“Ok, here’s the thing. I discovered I’m asexual over a year ago and I’m really proud of that. But I haven’t open myself to almost anyone, because I live in a country where LGBT+ community is not very welcomed. I mean there are always bad comments if you are something different than straight. It’s all fine, I don’t need any approval of who I am, I think. But there’s always that tiny voice – ‘you won’t ever find a person like you, people value sex too much.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about being alone, but about that rush of finding someone. I’m not even sure I want someone. And even my parents go ‘you’ll see when you have kids’. Who said I want all that?! They won’t understand if I tell them. I want to distract myself out of that environment, focus on my profession and be happy about it (let’s not forget my university and the popular opinion that if you are an artist you have to seduce the audience /you can’t create beautiful things that bring you joy, it’s only the body that is important; not every time, but still/). I’m supposed to play a prostitute, who was forced to be a prostitute and she hates it. And my teacher wanted me to feel what’s like being in her skin only by talking and I got so furious that I think I would have killed someone. Me? Who is usually a smiling person that wants to make everyone happy. How normal is even that?!? Psychic trauma is what I think about the situation, but I hope I’ll overcome that. (My classmates told me I was amazing there, but at what cost?)
I just feel sometimes lonely, angry and misunderstood.
And please excuse me if I made mistakes, because english is not my first language and writing this provoked my emotions I usually don’t have.”

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“any advice on being a sex repulsed teenager in high school?
as anyone who has suffered through high school knows, it’s full of sex. all the rumors are about sex, and who fucked who, and it makes me want to vomit. even people in my friend group are frick fracking and pipping the diddly do and i find it extremely gross to the point where i don’t really want to be friends with them anymore. i know that’s probably messed up but they don’t understand that i don’t want to hear about it or even know it happened at all. i don’t want to make the feel bad for doing what they enjoy but this is really tough on me.”

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“I’m not ace but I do programs where we teach people about the LGBTQA+ community and today I went to a middle school and after my group talked about terms and answered questions we left. We were going through reviews and one the middle schoolers said his favorite part of the program was “The sheet of paper that helped me find the word and figure out what I am” and then he had circled asexual and I was so happy we actually got to help someone today and thought the group may want to hear it.”

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“So i joined this group and in notcied that sombody from my new school (not so new anymore iv been there for a year) is part of the grouo as well. I want to approach her and talk about it cause… Idk i just really want to. But ya see shes kinda on th poplar side of my clall and idl if she aould even addmite to anything. Shes a nice person and i want to get to know her and i want to know how she fidgured out her aceness. Do ya think mabey u could ask the page how they would go about this? And yeah. Um thank in advanced… Peace”

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“Hi guys,

For one of my visual communication classes we were given a project for which we have to make 3 posters about something personnal and give advices we would have liked to hear. So I decided to do it about asexuality (kind of coming out? Well I’m doing an Erasmus so lets try where we won’t see the other people ever after if it turns out they don’t get it )

We all know that many people don’t know about asexuality and I’m fine with that except that people who are asexual don’t know about it either and can feel abnormal when it’s not the case. So I wanted to make something for them in the lines of :”It’s fine if you would rather cuddle, read a book, eat cake 😛,…”. Kind of an awarness campaign.

What do you think of it? Is it something you would have liked to see? And most importantly what would you aswer to the question what would you rather do?
Thanks for your opinions

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“Good day, we are psychology students who proposed about asexuality as our thesis topic. Do you happen to know groups of asexuals here in the Philippines? It would be such a great help. Thank you!”

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“Hello! I’m a science teacher in Sweden and I’d love to ask some advice. I teach sex ed as part of the curriculum. When we are talking about gender and sexuality, I use the Genderbread Person to teach and make sure to specifically talk about the fact that it’s normal for people to feel different amounts of romantic and sexual attraction or none at all. We also talk about healthy relationships and I’ve made sure to talk about how these principles apply to friendships as well, not just romantic or sexual relationships. In the next grade, we talk again about safe sex and I’m making sure to say that not everyone is interested in sex but I was wondering if you (or your page members) have any suggestions for making the sexual intimacy related parts of class a more safe and inclusive space for ace/aro individuals.”

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“Good afternoon.

I am a L., student of Journalism here, in Mexico (I hope that could serve as an explication to my broken English), and a faithful follower of this page.

The motive of me, deciding to write to you guys today is that with my partner (who also is studying Journalism and identifies as kinky ace, like me) are writing an reportage with academic purposes about the utilization of sexual toys by asexual people, single or in a relationship, with a sense more of erotism (like my case), entertainment (like my partner’s case), o mere curiosity, in opposition to the search of sexual reward that almost always is present in the use allosexual people give them. (The whole “spice the relationship” thing). I want to know, if that’s the case, what motivates you to involve yourselves in their use? Why?

Here, in Mexico, the asexual community is practically inexistent. People doesn’t even dare to imagine that someone who doesn’t live by and for sex could exist. It’s almost as sinful as being homosexual. Or even worse. And the sexual toys business is awful, because of the plenty taboos still strongly rooted within our people.

So, that’s why I am asking you, camaradas, for an opinion. Here, there is almost no one to ask for one. If my questions doesn’t offend you, and doesn’t seem too invasive, I would appreciate muchísimo, realmente mucho, your answers. A lot.

I can omit the names, if that’s your wish. It’s only with academics purposes, for our Reportage class.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you for taking the time to read my long message. Also, I apologize if my rudimentary use of the language leads to some misunderstanding. I can assure you, that was not my intention. I’m sorry.

Hasta luego, compañeros.”

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“So, I write to you coming off a trip with my high school chior. During the trip I was surrounded by friends and was having a great time! However things got uncomfortable on the bus ride there when we started to play a game called “paranoia”. We go in a circle asking questions in a whisper so only the asker and the person answering know the question. They answer and you flip a coin, heads you are safe tails you say what they asked. Alot of sexual questions were asked and said. All fun. But a friend of mine, who has a boyfriend keep in mind, continuously hit on me during the trip. I could be wrong because I’m terrible at flirting. But it was pretty aparent, she would sit with me every chance she got, she decided to lay on me in the bus to try and get me to cuddle, she winked constantly at me when she said something sexual. It made me extremely uncomfortable. Is that normal?”

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