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“Hi fellow aces! It’s a bit of a long shot but I’ll give it a go anyway 😛 Here in Sweden, Dala Pride is taking place on the 23th of September. Is anyone from this page close to Falun and planning on going? Looking for fellow aces to meet up beforehand and / or walk with 🙂”

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“I used to be a huge opponent of all things LGBTQ- I thought that anything outside of heterosexual relationships was invalid and confusing. Through my undergrad college years I met a diverse group of people who lead to me have a change of heart and a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I had always found myself to be rather disinterested in sex and often felt like the “oddball” of the group: My friends would talk about their various sexual encounters and although I had sex with someone a few times, I never was interested or felt the “magic” of it that others did.
I have done a lot of reading over the past year and after speaking with a therapist who specializes in sexuality, i have come to the conclusion that I am an asexual heteroromanting. The best part? I’ve found a partner who is 100% okay with this! I bought a small ace pride button last week and finally got brave enough to put it on my purse. I cannot thank this page enough for being a resource of support and validation through my journey. Much love to you all

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“I went to the pride festival in Seoul, Korea and found all this Ace representation and education. I wanted to share with the community so people can see what wonderful inclusion and support within the queer community there is here.”

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“Hi again. (I ID as allo, for now at least) It’s pride season so Would it be ok if I carried like an ace flag and talked to people about ace spectrum. I ask because I’m 97% certain that asexuality will be erased at my local pride.”

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“Okay, my and my friend traveled up state for Pride (we have a local one as well) and we were super excited. I knew the previous year at my local pride fest they had quite a bit of ace representation, so since this one is in a bigger and more populated area, that there would be plenty of flags and such. Man, was it disappointing. There only one or two tents with anything ace besides a flag. I found a lighter and a dog tag. Nothing else. I was just wondering if anyone else feels like aces aren’t really represented during Pride?”

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“I know June is Pride Month and I was curious does anyone else feel uncomfortable about partaking in it? I don’t feel part of the LGBT community even when the A is included. I’m sure others feel the same way and wanted to hear what you all have to say”

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“Hi, got a question for the community I’m finally going to Pride, and I’m looking to buy some Ace shirts- but for most of the online shops I’ve seen, I can’t tell if I’m going to be giving my money to the original creator/someone who’s actually LGBTA+… any advice? Also, any idea on where to buy asexual or aromantic flags? ty ^^”

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“I wanted to ask if you(and the community) could help me out with a pressend for my girl friend.

I’m bi, and my girlfriend is ace. So offiously I bought 14 decks of cards, of which I only took the aces.
And what I wanted to do is to put ace ,pride, jokes, quotes, and cute mesages of my own.

(So for my final question)
Can you and the community help me with ace: quotes, pride, and jokes to put on the back of ace playing card??

Ow and ace puns ofcourse

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“Hello! I am graduating college in May, and I get to decorate my cap. I am considering doing something related to ace pride. Any ideas for words/images? I especially like flowers and calligraphy, design-wise.”

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