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“Hey! I’d really appreciate it if you could share this on the page as a little bit of hope for any ace person who feels as though they’re not wanted in the LGBT+ community
So last year I went to pride for the first time and it was one of the best days of my life and the whole time I was there, wearing my asexual flag as a cape, I heard no bad-mouthing of aces.
There was no mentions that we don’t belong, and I even met and saw a few other people proudly displaying their ace flags for everyone to see. There was also plenty of ace things to buy (I got a beanie which I wear all the time now)
But one memory that I will always treasure was when I was with my friends at a sexual health stall and they asked if we wanted to do a chlamydia test to get a free sperm key ring. And when one of the women noticed my flag she said “do you want to do one? Even though you don’t experience sexual attraction, doesn’t mean you can’t have or even enjoy having sex”
She was the first person I have ever met who completely understood what being asexual means without being a member of the ace community. (I asked and she said she was a lesbian.)
I just wanted to share this with other aces to show that there are people in the LGBT+ community who know about us, understand our orientations and accept us within the community as much as everyone else 💙🌈

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“I need to tell you people (sorry if my english is not so good, i’m Chilean) the LGBT community, or the pages I follow… they are so awful people, they discriminate Ace people, ’cause they don’t understand us. Is sad, really. It’s just my opinion but I think they should be nicer with others. We are part of LGBT too, right? Maybe I’m wrong, but is sad to know that they are like that. LGBT is a community for people with different sexual orientations, but why they are so bad with us?! They said “why is a sexual orientation if they don’t have sex?” Couldn’t they read the posts in Internet? Why don’t asks? Why are they so…. bad with us?
I speak about latino community LGBT, idk how is the english community, but mine is literally SHIT.
This is from me and my girlfriend, we are asexual and she has seen things like that too.”

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“Generalizations are bad. Sure. But the problem arises when comparing a hyperbolic statement made by someone in a marginalized group in legitimate frustration over a real issue, like erasure, to statements made by people not in said group that perpetuate harmful stereotypes about that group. These two things are not the same. Someone in the LGBTQ+ community complaining about “straight people” is not in any way the same as a straight person complaining about there being too many genders/sexualities or invalidating people who don’t fit the binaries. Complaints about “straight people” are about the easily observable BEHAVIOR of an obnoxious majority; we’re not talking about all of them and the ones we’re not talking about know that. Complaints by straight people about the LGBTQ+ community are about our EXISTENCE. Our very being is an inconvenience to Straight People, and that’s why they complain. Not because of any behavior we can control and unlearn, not because we’re harming them in any way, but because we ARE. We exist, we dare to not fit into the boxes they want to pack us into, and that’s a problem for them.
Comparing this attitude to the frustration from the LGBTQ+ community that stems from putting up with this every day is unfair and frankly wrong. These things are not on the same plane, and if you think they are, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself why you’re getting defensive.
PS: This goes for all marginalized groups. I used the LGBTQ+ community and straight people in this example because that’s what this page is primarily about, but this applies to pretty much every argument about these statements, whether it’s POC talking about White People, women/nonmales taking about Men, trans/nonbinary people talking about the Cis or the Cishets, or whatever.”

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“I was really disappointed when I didn’t find any ace representation at Cologne Pride this year, despite the variety of booths selling flags and a huge crowd. But my ace flag arrived today and I can’t wait to fly it at the next Pride Parade.
In all the negativity going around I just wanted to share something nice. I hope everybody has an awesome day

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“People don’t realise that aces have actually always been in the community. We were just classified in other groups because we didn’t have a name or label.

I have a personal example of this:
Back when I was teen a friend would show me pictures of “hot guys” and exclaim “isn’t he so sexy?”
Most of the time I didn’t get it and I would just start agreeing so he wouldn’t balk at me all, “what??? Really??!” When I said no.

His logic??? I must be pansexual.

If I had the word back then things would be different.
At least I know now and I’ve been feeling a lot better since!”

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“Hello! Had a realization that I thought I would share: saying asexuals can’t be part of the lgbtq+ community because we’re part of the oppressors is fundamentally the same argument as “trans women can’t be women because they have male privilege.” I’m also trans, so I hear stuff like that more often than I’d like.”

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“I found out recently that the red on the pride flag stands for sexuality (as each colour represents a different part of the human experience). Do you think this a way of devaluing Asexual people”

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“Vietnam 3 a.m.

I’m 25 y.o n’ I am alone.

but I don’t care about it.

and I am not jealous of their relationship.

so. . . why don’t they leave me alone? They ( my friend, my parents,…) always ask me when I would have a boyfriend.

why me?

They make me feel pretty stress.

If I can,… If I can say… I wanna shout out to everyone knows…

Right, we live in the dark becuz we dont dare to show who we really are.

People maybe accept the existence of GLBT. But it is not for A.


That’s so unfair!

I’ve cried many times before.

I did not know who I was.

I thought I was not straight.

It seems silly! Right?


Now I know I am a A. What’s wrong with that?

1% people in the world, this is enough!”

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“CW: Rape, corrective Rape, Aphobia, exclusionists, swearing, insulting, invalidation of asexuality.

This is a real all-rounder on when, where and why asexuals are FALSELY excluded and busts many aphobic arguments.
It’s full of resources once you scrolled past the aphobic reblogs.”


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“I know June is Pride Month and I was curious does anyone else feel uncomfortable about partaking in it? I don’t feel part of the LGBT community even when the A is included. I’m sure others feel the same way and wanted to hear what you all have to say”

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