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“FYI: There was a cool mini shout-out in two seperate episodes of the miniseries The Letdown on Netflix. It wasn’t much, but both times, LGBTQIA was said and someone asked « what does the A stand for? » and the answer was « asexuals ». It was just nice to hear. ❤

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“I was joining a Facebook group (Accidental LGBT+ representation spotting if people are interested) and was buzzing to see this on the entry questions! The fact I‘m even surprised at this shows we have a way to go, but it was lovely to see such open acceptance within the community! Thought I’d share my joy ☺️

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“Hey, I’m doing a project in my English class about Queer representation in popular media, and one of the requirements is field research. So I was wondering if you could set up a poll asking if people think there is or isn’t enough proper representation in the media so I could use it as a survey?”
So here it is: Do you think there is enough proper queer representation in popular media?

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“Ohai! I’ve been doing lots of talky things in the last year about bein ace and raising awareness and stuff. Few months ago I was filmed for documentary on lgbt+ history. Went to early screening and found it very lgt focussed and poop. Instead of giving up, I sent them an email sayin I was disappointed in the way I and others were represented. Idk if it’s bc of the email, but they re-edited in time for big screening at Bristol Pride.
The video is here and I think it would be cool if we could get some comments on it to show that ace people exist and are worth representing~”


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“Hi! So I have a question I would like to pose to the group, anonymously, if possible. I’m still not really out to many people yet and I kind of would like to keep it that way for now, but anyway! I have a good friend of mine who is working on a TV pilot, and he wants one of the main characters to be ace. He asked me how I would like to see asexuality represented in the media, and I gave him my response, but he also asked me to open it up to as many people as I could reach so he could do a better job of representing the community as a whole. Since it’s a spectrum, he wanted to get a lot of opinions. Would it be ok if we opened a discussion in the group about ace representation in the media and what we wish we could see on screen? It’s alright if not, but I figured I would ask. I really love this page a lot and love the sense of community and safety is has created. You guys rock my socks 😊😊

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“My series with aro and ace protagonists was featured by Queer Sci Fi!
Super-de-duper excited.”

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“Please check out the comic Always Human on Line Webtoons!
They have an amazing lesbian relationship which is wholesome and develops amazingly, along with supporting characters who are asexual, aromantic, Agender, non binary, genderfluid and a polyarmorous relationship!

There’s always a great diversity in race, I love it, And I hope people support such authors who create wonderful stories about the LGBTQIAA community!”


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