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“I hope this is ok as I see items posted every now and then and wanted to share some pieces that I make. They are mirror reflective acrylic pride heart pins. Being Asexual, I know it’s hard to find representation of many sexualties and genders in items so I tried to help out others as well and add more as I come to learn and discover. Hopefully it will bring some smiles to faces!”


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“I got a shirt from a while ago, they did a brief release of shirts with a gender/sexual/romantic identity and a mythical creature, mine says “I’m an asexual dragon”.
I was wearing it when I went to a local cafe/bakery. At the end of my lunch two old Scottish ladies came in and one ordered while the other asked if they could sit at my table because it was so busy. When the second lady finished ordering and sat down she spoke briefly with her friend then looked at me and said to her friend (and sort of to me, just mainly addressed to her friend) “So you’re sitting with a sexual dragon are you?”
I cleared it up but thought the whole thing was pretty funny.”

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“Hey this is kind of out of nowhere but I thought you’d appreciate this. I was in Spencers (the jewelrey selection is usually 👌 by goth standards) and they had a bunch of pride stuff by the door. They had those plastic travel cup things and they had just an ABUNDANCE of asexual flag cups. Like I didn’t believe it at first and I picked it up to look at it and my friend (who isn’t ace but knows the flag) was like “woaah i’ve never seen an asexual flag on anything in a store before”. It was just cool to see an asexual flag in the wild, especially at such a popular store.”

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