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My ace ring makes me feel proud, all day. Most people don’t understand it, but I feel better having it. And today, someone else came in, with a black ring, on that finger. And he just smiled really big, and walked away.”

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“Hi, I’m a cosplayer from Northeast Florida, and would like to share my page. I’m openly asexual and often use my designs as a conversation starter that lets me spread awareness about asexuality whenever I’m out and about. If anyone would like to follow my page, I’ll be posting asexual awareness content on occasion, along with which cons I’ll be attending next if any local aces would like to say hi”


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“Hey! I had something really cool happen and I thought you would appreciate it. So I just transfered to a new college and I joined an accappella group to try and make friends. Everyone seems cool and a couple of weeks ago they held a party for the group to welcome the newbies. I’m not too involved with ace pride stuff personally (like I don’t own anything ace related and I’m just not at a fantastic place with myself regarding my asexuality) but I am aware of a lot of it, so when I saw one of the veteran members of my accappella group wearing a black ring I was like hmm maybe that could mean shes ace but probably not idk. So at this party I went up to her and complimented her ring and she was like “oh thanks it’s my asexuality ring” and I was like OH MY GOD ME TOO and she was like NO WAY. It made me happy because she has a girlfriend and they’re awesome together and recently i’ve been down in the dumps because I think that because i’m ace I can never truly have a relationship but seeing them makes me happy. Idk this was just the first time I really met another asexual person so it was cool.”

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“My new gay friends are taking me to pride this weekend in Portland and I’m super excited. I’ve never been and I’m not sure what to expect. Also not sure what to wear. I wanna wear something that says “I’m ace,” but I’m broke. Also, how do I find other ace people? Is it like an easter egg hunt?”

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“Happy Pride everyone! You never know who you’ll find. I finally found another ace! She was wearing the flag and I went over to her, talked, hugged, hung out and exchanged numbers. I also got a ace flag wrist band! We’re being seen guys!!!”

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“Hey guys, I had an idea. Its like a gay bar but for asexuals. I’d call it: Aces Flushed. If it was a weed cafe it’d be Aces High. Thank you for your time.”

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“I have a friend that lives in Des Moines, Iowa that’s looking for a meet-up group or other Ace people to connect with. Let me know if you know of any!”

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“Hey, I have a Asexual friend in Poland that’s going through a hard time. I was wondering if anyone knows of Asexual meet-ups in Poland or just knows people that are asexual and Poland that would connect with my friend and be able to be supportive?”

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“So i joined this group and in notcied that sombody from my new school (not so new anymore iv been there for a year) is part of the grouo as well. I want to approach her and talk about it cause… Idk i just really want to. But ya see shes kinda on th poplar side of my clall and idl if she aould even addmite to anything. Shes a nice person and i want to get to know her and i want to know how she fidgured out her aceness. Do ya think mabey u could ask the page how they would go about this? And yeah. Um thank in advanced… Peace”

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