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“So i joined this group and in notcied that sombody from my new school (not so new anymore iv been there for a year) is part of the grouo as well. I want to approach her and talk about it cause… Idk i just really want to. But ya see shes kinda on th poplar side of my clall and idl if she aould even addmite to anything. Shes a nice person and i want to get to know her and i want to know how she fidgured out her aceness. Do ya think mabey u could ask the page how they would go about this? And yeah. Um thank in advanced… Peace”

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“Hello guys, I really appreciate your work on the page. Since I was 15 I had a hard time, realizing what’s my sexual orientation. It was a time of changes for how I think, feel, and interact with others. But thank to you, and your creativity and understanding, I went through all these things more easily.
Anyway, I’m here with a specific question.This year after such a long time waiting, I started planning a short trip to Barcelona and Italy. I’ve never been so far from my home and never been so scared of superficial friendships and bad people. Since I’m traveling with a small group of people, I was trying to make new friends. However, every friendship ended up much before the meeting, everything turned into one-night stand tries. Ace apps weren’t really useful since I didn’t find anyone from that area. I still didn’t arrive at my destination, so I was wondering if you could help me somehow? Share my story, give me a suggestion, advice. As an ace, sometimes I find all these things frustrating because you have to be really careful with people if you don’t want to be hurt. I love you guys and I’m really happy that you’re here for many young people like me. Your posts give us support in that way and inspire us not to give up! Thanks for everything! ❤️

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“Hi fellow aces! It’s a bit of a long shot but I’ll give it a go anyway 😛 Here in Sweden, Dala Pride is taking place on the 23th of September. Is anyone from this page close to Falun and planning on going? Looking for fellow aces to meet up beforehand and / or walk with 🙂”

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From the inbox #767

“Hey friends! Thought it might be cathartic to get some feedback from the community on a longterm struggle I’ve been dealing with. I’ve known I was ace since I was in middle school. But a few years ago, I fell hard for my best friend and thought that the feeling was mutual. It got to the point with this guy where I felt comfortable even letting sex be on the table as a rare thing. Long story short, he shot me down. It’s been over a year since that and I’m still not fully over it, even after taking a break from the friendship to lick my wounds. We’re back to being best friends now, and I can’t imagine losing that from my life. But it’s terrible when he goes on dates or talks about the women he is interested in. I’ve mentally accepted that we’ll never be together. But it’s so hard to move on from someone when there’s no one else to reach out to.

I’m interested in finding somebody else to wrap my heart around. The only trouble is, I don’t want to get invested in another overtly-sexual person. I don’t want to compromise who I am, unless those feelings occur naturally down the line.

My question to you is this… How can I find other aces? I’ve never met any others in real life. The dating/friend sites online are like ghost towns, and there is no ace representation at the LGBT organizations near me. I think this would be easier to cope with if I didn’t feel like I was so alone. I see you all posting and sharing such kind, uplifting things, and thought that maybe your words might help. Thank you for being here!”

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From the inbox #750

“Hello, i don’t know what to say but im moroccan and im asexual, people hear cant understand that we asexuals are not into sex ,my friends cant stop criticising me and now they neglect me. I just feel alone so alone and i need a partner so i hope i could find a moroccan one on your page. Thank you”

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“Good day, we are psychology students who proposed about asexuality as our thesis topic. Do you happen to know groups of asexuals here in the Philippines? It would be such a great help. Thank you!”

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“Good Morning all. I am hoping to find an old fashion penpal to exchange letters with. I am big into history and would love a sort of Victorian style courtly love style romantic letter exchange. Being asexual makes that hard to find so I was hoping to find someone here. I am panromantic so don’t worry about that bit. I am open to anyone who is interested. My interests include history, fantasy, Tolkien, art, and crafting. If you would like please contact the inbox and let the admin know and they will get us in touch. Thank you all for listening.”

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From the inbox 625

“Hello Aces,
I am feeling very happy to share with all of you that our Application (ACE App for Android phone ) for Asexual people will be launch within next month June 2017.
1. It is not only a Dating Application you can find friends, do chatting, find partner as well.
2. In this application you have option to select your type of Asexuality.
3. We understand your privacy so don’t worry noone can see personal information without your permission.
4. You can select your hobbies and can write about yourself on your profile.
5. Most important thing is this application has designed only for Asexuals so there will be no sex seekers if you find any you can report that account.
So what are you waiting for
Like our page for any queries, news and more information about ACE app and Don’t forget to invite your Asexual friends .
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