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“I know this is completely out of context, and basically, it’s a pretty aphobe and arophobe comment, but I just found it and had to laugh thinking of the “asexuals are not queer, aromantics are not queer” discourse: (“The only people who are queer are the people who don’t love anybody.”
(by Rita Mae Brown)
Wanted to share that in case anyone else finds it funny. Best regards. 🙂

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From the inbox #554

“A couple weeks back a mate and I went to the Big Gay Out, and did a promotion where you could get 144 condoms for $5. Signed the prescription, only just bothered to get ’em today.
I’m ace, with no plans of having sex in the near future, same with my mate. I just like the whole appeal of condoms. I guess. Not entirely sure. Anyways.
My question is, what can you do with 140-odd condoms? So far we’ve thought of blowing them up into balloon things, putting spaghetti/baked beans in ’em, and using the packets for an article of clothing to promote safe sex.”

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From the inbox #549

“Sleeping pills and I don’t get along, so I read erotica or watch tv with a strong emphasis on sex as a sleeping aid.
Most of the friends who know this think that it’s either hilarious or weird.
Does anyone else do this?”

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From the inbox #513

“I was talking to one of my friends, who reblogged this post on Tumblr:

[link to post above]

and she said, “I think the best response to ‘what’s in-between your legs’ is ‘well, it’s never going to be you!'” This made me die laughing, since I’m aro ace, and my friend knows it.”

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From the inbox #498

“So I have appreciated the perspectives that the asexual community has exposed me to for many reasons. In particular I want to say that the humor this Facebook group provides is fantastic and really brightens my day. Thank you.”

From the inbox #441

“i thought i might share this amusing tidbit from my past. i think my first clue that i might be aro ace is how completely oblivious to romantic advances i am. i remember when i was in high school and this guy asked me if i wanted to see a move, and i was like ‘what movie?’ and he said ‘avatar,’ and i said ‘oh, cool. my mom wants to see that, can she come, too?’ i told my dad about it the other day and he just about lost it for a couple minutes lmao”

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From the inbox #435

“Here’s a funny story:
For a school project we are supposed to create a personal budget tailored to what we hope to see out of our futures. As a reflection question it was “How would getting married change your budget, and would it be positive or negative?” As an aro/ace I didn’t even need to think. I deemed it as a negative to the budget and that I would much rather have a cat over another human to take care of. (not only that but I wouldn’t need to pay for a wedding and listening to the human whine all the time, cats>humans)”

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