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“I’ve officially blocked enough ads for straight dating sites that facebook is suggesting that I try lesbians. My gender is set to I’m reading go away, until I figure things out… Progress, I suppose, but I feel like they missed my point entirely, which is I don’t use dating sites. Nothing against those that do… But I can’t decide if I’m cis or demigirl. Definitely demi sexual. And my person is an enbi. Yay, queer problems.
Side note, my phone auto corrected all the not straight terms to weird shit, like semi formal”

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“How do you cope with wanting to be in a romantic relationship but never having romantic feeling for anyone? I just feel broken and lonely most of the time…”

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“Hi! I don’t know if you share also country-specific stuff… if yes, then this German dating site specifically mentions dating for asexuals (and other less-mainstream groups). Maybe people could share their experience?
(you cannot just try it, because it is paid – almost all German dating sites are paid, to prevent trolls)
I just found the site and cannot provide any further info / recommendation”


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“Hey there. I am in my early 20s and queer and also Ace. I haven’t ever dated before, because tbd I never was that attracted to anyone I wasn’t fairly close/intimate with as a friend. I’m also just generally pretty shy and the idea of going on a date with someone I don’t know would be way out my comfort zone.. I feel like I’ve come to understand my Ace-ness more recently, and am wanting more intimacy and closeness in my life. Does anyone have advice on entering the Ace dating scene at a bit of an older age?”

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“I am demisexual and started dating someone who is Grey-asexual. We have a great relationship and a great understanding of each other. No worries there.

After we had been dating awhile and started to develop a deep emotional connection we found we are both sexually attracted to each other. He says I’m the only person he’s ever been sexually attracted to, and it’s new and exciting. Again, no issues there.

The issue is with my friends. I tried explaining to them how our relationship and how sexual attraction works. They are claiming he is being “manipulative”. “Come on, do you REALLY believe he’s the only person he’s been sexually attracted to?” stuff like that.

What do I say to them and how can I educate them?”

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“Hello, my fellow ace-spectrum folks. I want to know how you handle dating (if you choose to) as a ace person. I feel as though it’s difficult to find people who are okay with not having sex be a part of a romantic relationship. I realize that statistically speaking we are quite abnormal, but it’s really disheartening, especially as someone who’s a hopeless romantic, to have a lot of potential relationships end before they even start because of my sexuality. Thoughts, tips to deal with this kind of thing?”

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“Ok I was hoping maybe you guys could help me out. I really hit it off with this guy and we are just friends but it’s started to become obvious we like each other so I told him I’m ace and he seemed to take it really well. Its been a week or so and now I can just tell he doesn’t like me as much and it really sucks because I thought he might be okay with it and I think I started to really really like him which doesn’t happen a lot with me. My friend asked him about it where he said hed already be dating me if I wasn’t ace because “i don’t want to have to break up with her later on because of it.” So I’m a little sad about it even though I expected it and id feel too bad to keep leading him on if I know he’s not gonna even try and I feel like it would be awkward to still be friends now that we surpassed that and I just don’t know what to do anymore. He knows I’m sad and wants to help but I can’t just tell him he’s the reason I am…”

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From the inbox #780

“I identify as demi panromantic and I have a question. I’ve only had straight relationships and I find it really hard to be attached to people. (Trust issues and BPD kind of do that for you). But I would love to date a girl. I have no idea how to go about this though. Especially being asexual and also kind of realizing neither guys, girls or anything in between finds me interesting or attractive.
I mean, I just left a 5 year relationship and I wasn’t very happy when I fell out of love with him. But now there’s this hole in my life. I ended up meeting a girl that I get along with really well and I love her to pieces. When I met her, we hit it off like that. Wasn’t until the end of the night that I found out she was 14. (I’m 23.) I don’t get along with people my age and even in the groups and fandoms I join feel alien to everyone.
I love this girl and she’s my best friend but I can’t get it out of my mind that my feelings are wrong and sick.
So my question is this. How do I go out and try to make friends if I’m terrified of the world around me? How do I go out into the dating world when I’m scared that my sexuality will cut down my choices. (And the fact that I have never had sex before and most people who have expect it out of the people they date.)
Is it normal the way I feel about this girl? Is there something wrong with me mentally? I’m scared and I really need support and advice.”

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“Hey guys
So I just wanted to rant to someone about this but I have a friend who is straight and he and I hang out pretty much when ever we can and I identify as ace aro and he is basically my squish and when I go over to his we just sit and watch TV smoking fags and it makes me feel really at ease I’ve led up against him like just rested my head on his shoulder and he doesn’t make a fuss or tell me to stop
He just is
But alot of people keep asking me or make jokes about our friendship saying we are dating and comments like that which makes me feel bad like me being friends with him is bad for him I just hate it when we hang out with friends because it always happens

Any advice you could give me ?”

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