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I recently started a Kickstarter for a Comic Book project I’d been working on. It’s a comic book geared towards younger audiences which has many LGBT themes, such as the main character being non-binary/ace! I was wondering if …

1.) You could promote the Kickstarter or if others could share it!

2.) If others had any tips on Non-binary situations I could touch on or integrate, that would be awesome! It’s been a constant mental double-check to make sure I don’t refer to the main character by a gendered pronoun.”

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“Hi, I’m new to the asexual community so I’m still educating my self, and I have a question.
So I’m a writer, and I have a bi and asexual character, but the character is also on the spectrum for autism, and I was wondering if that’s problematic? Is it playing into stereotypes or suggesting that one is bc of the other, etc., and should I change it?”

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“Hello I’m Troy Jackson CEO of Smith-J Publishing. I asked Asexual ACES to message you today. I have a passion to find real life expression. To help the voiceless have a voice. To change the social norms if you will. The links at the bottom are the first two books under my company. I wrote the first Will and Kelly. My talented author April Topaz wrote Wet bar. I hope after reading it. That some if not all that have a passion to write. Will take this time to write your story or the stories that you yourself have been searching for. If anyone would like to contact me. Please feel free too. I would love to know you and hear your story. Thank you for your time and remember you are beautiful because you are you.…/…/ref=pd_ybh_a_2……/…/ref=pd_sim_351_1…

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From the inbox #712

“I was designing a couple of fandom posters recently when I realized something funny – for each poster I had chosen a favorite quote from a beloved character, and all three of the characters I’d chosen were eerily similar despite being from very different fandoms and not being main characters. The three characters were Albus Dumbledore, Aggie Cromwell, and Gramma Tala, all of whom are very old, very wise, and very strange characters, and all of whom have friends and family who love them despite not really understanding them. I realized a disproportionate amount of the characters I identified with were “the village crazy ladies,” and I think it’s at least partially because I’m on the Ace-Aro spectrum.
Because of their age, these characters get to have storylines and relationships that aren’t centered around sexual and romantic relationships, and they’re still very cheerful. They’re simultaneously outside of mainstream society and respected by it. Their unique opinions and thought patterns are valued, and I think that’s kind of beautiful. I wondered if any other A-Specs felt or noticed something similar?”

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“Hello! My girlfriend sent me pictures of this book. We are both very proud of this author including a section titled “What if you don’t want to kiss?”

It makes me happy that in some way, the ace community has support even from back then.”

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From the inbox #685

“Hi everyone:-) A book just came out about asexuality called Asexual Perspectives by Sandra Bellamy and the Kindle version of the book, is FREE for 5 days ONLY, from Sunday July 9th -Thursday 13th of July 2017. Here is the link Or UK site is, you need to click through to get the offer.

The author had a request: If you can leave a review, that will be ace.”

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From the inbox #677

“Just read a random book I’d picked off the library shelves today, and thought y’all might be interested.. It’s called Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and its representation is just, wow. There’s one main character who at the end explains explicitly that he is ace and I just, I don’t expect to randomly read /queer/ books, let alone ones which represent us – and this one is AMAZING. I totally recommend it, it just made my heart feel warm and happy 🙂
~ Anon”

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Attention, aces who get erections!

“In need help from the asexual men in the community! I’m currently writing a story and it involves an asexual guy. But I’m a girl and never met an ace male before, so I’ll HAVE to ask one thing or two about erections (and it’s seriously important for my story, so I appreciate any help I can get!)… Do you have them? If so, when? When you see someone pretty, or that you’re romantically attracted to? If any of you have sex, what do you do to make it hard? ”

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“Hey there! I am writing a midterm paper on lesser known sexualities and romantic orientations included in the term queer, and I was wondering if y’all could help me out a bit and perhaps list any that you know of with definitions. Also, any legitimate sites or books that you know of on the subject would be great. Thanks!”

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