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“Advice or something. Idk:

So recently I started hanging out with this girl I used to know in high school (7yrs ago). We knew each other but not well. When rumors started flying about her, I was too exhausted and overstimulated from school so I decided not to get involved. 7 yrs later, we started noticing each other’s progressive Facebook posts and decided to hang out. I was warned by a few people not to get involved with her (bc of the rumors from hs) But I wanted to decide what she was like for myself. Shes experienced a lot of trauma and loss of friends due to being trans and autistic, as well as having a history of drug addiction. So we’ve been hanging out for about a month and a half. I got snowed in at her place once and we’ve spent long ours together. So now she’s developing all these feelings for me. feelings I can’t reciprocate. Not just because I’m ace, but also bc I’m just not interested in more than a friendship with her. Part of why she likes me is because of the way my sexuality manifests (I guess she finds it intriguing). So she knows very well that I’m ace. She says she understands that but she keeps complimenting me and talking about how much she loves me and wants to hold me. I find this very uncomfortable (it’s even uncomfortable to write). I do extended touching with only a handful of people in my life. I dont like cuddling. I like hugs… But not cuddling /extended touching. Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to guilt me into being affectionate… But also that’s probably me just jumping to conclusions (I’ve dealt with a lot of manipulative people in my life). I’m not sure how to ask her to lay off a bit without hurting her feelings. Any ideas?

Somewhat related question: I can’t tell if I’m more asexual or more aromantic. Anyone got any hunches or advice on how to figure it out?”

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“So there’s this guy who’s SO in love with me, but I’m hardcore aroace and I know we can’t be “just friends” so I’m trying to cut him off and it hurts. Any advice?”

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“Hi. My name is Betsy and I’m a 21 year old asexual. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m aromantic also. The only times I’ve had a boyfriend is when my mom really wants me to, because I don’t want one. I had crushes when I was little, I really like some fictional characters and I know when people are attractive, but I just don’t want a relationship with them. I want children someday, though, and have considered using a surrogate when the time comes. No one in my family seems to really understand, but I just don’t know if I could feel romantic love. What do you guys think?”

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“I am an asexual person who experiences romantic connections. I understand that some asexuals or other orientations sometimes do not experience romantic connections at all and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me the relationship between love and romantic attraction in that respect (while dating is involved)

How do you view your partners?

What draws you to a partner?

Do you even have partners?

Do you have long term relationships and if so do they involve love while not involving romantic attraction?”

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I am unsure but I think I am biromantic asexual but that is not my issue today, my best friend (who identifies as asexual possibly aromatic), she reckons we are in some sort of bond like a platonic relationship (or that we are in a sort of relationship), but I want her to know that I’m not even interested at all, that she’s just a friend. I joke around with the whole platonic lover thing but the other night she started to talk about it seriously and I have romantic interest in other people not her and I’ve made this clear, but how do I tell her that we are not in a ‘relationship’?
:/ ”

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