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“Hey there! So, in light of all of the hype on here about ace-exclusion, I thought I would share a list of the ones I’ve found, and alternatively, to brighten the heavy mood a bit, some of the inclusive ones I’ve found! Unfortunately, the only inclusive ones I’ve found seem to be targeted towards sapphic/lesbian users, but I suppose it’s a start.
Exclusionary pages:
-Lesbian memes for gatekeeping teens
-Bi memes for dirty allo beans
-Lesbian Memes for Lucifer- Loving Teens
-Genderqueer Gengar
-Acecourse memes for exclu beans
-Exclusionist Aces (This is a community of aces, however they’re of the belief that aces aren’t LGBTQIA+)
-Exclusionist Natsuki
Inclusive pages (again, sorry they’re all sapphic, I know we’re a diverse community so it such for non-Sapphic users 😕 ):
-Inclusionist Sapphic Memes
-Inclusionist Sapphic & Queer Femmes
-Sappho is my mom
There’s one I kinda wanna warn the trans women in our community about, since I’m sure they’re are quite a few, and many trans women tend to find this kind of thing problematic for them: Gaylor Moon is fairly accepting from what I’ve seen, but they tend to post a lot about “trap” stuff. I don’t want trans women in our community to hop in there because they’re ace inclusive and be triggered by “trap” memes if that’s something they struggle with.
I hope this is helpful!”

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Acephobia, arophobia
“Hi! I was wanting to point out another exclusionist page! I used to like this page, but after all their comments, I was blocked because I explained that cisgender wasn’t a slur. 😕

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TW Acephobia
“So I was doing my usual lurking and found this post. The “troll” does not even make any sense and fails horribly. But I figured I’d share this with you so you can show people why it is important that they educate themselves on what Asexuality really is. Sex isn’t inherently evil to all asexuals and we aren’t all “purist prudes”. 🙄 As a sex-repulsed asexual, I immediately found it absurd that the “troll” just threw that “acephobia” bullcrap out there. These try hard “trolls” are becoming more and more foolish in their endeavors to discredit and invalidate others.”

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TW: Acephobia
“Hello! This is kind of in response to your inbox post about the ace exclusion in “Bi memes for dirty allo beans.”
I wanted to make people aware of another page that is rampant with ace exclusion. “Lesbian memes for gatekeeping teens.” They’re actually followed by the Bi one. Both of them use terms like “gatekeeping” and “allo” as terms of endearment for themselves and a way to mock ace people for being upset about being excluded.
I just want my ace fam to be aware of pages like these that aren’t safe places for them. I left a bad review on both of them, and the Bi one argued with me for a good hour on why aces aren’t LGBT, and even compared asexuality to pedophilia to another reviewer to make a point that it’s no more an orientation than that is.
Desperately wishing there was an option to report these pages. They’re extremely toxic communities.”

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“i came across this form of intolerance and i’m genuinely confused, distraught, and disgusted. apparently, there are people who view asexuality as a disability. it could have just been someone trolling, but i felt i needed to share this somewhere.”

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“I saw this, and the comments filled me with great frustration. People suggesting an otherwise happy couple should break up if they’re not dancing the horizontal tango at an approved frequency.”


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“Hey there!

So I’m doing a project for my alevel art. We have to promote a cause or raise awareness to something that means a lot to ourselves.
For me I wanted to look at the oppression and discrimination within the lgbt+ community.

I was hoping you guys could help me do some primary research and ask the follows of this page about exclusion inside the community. What people have said that may have been hurtful or oppressive.

But for this it’s vital that it’s exclusion made by other members of the lgbt+ community.

Experiences and quotes would be appreciated very much

I’m not just looking at the exclusion for asexuals either, but any sexuality in the community that had been disregarded by another.

I believe that we can’t be accepted by others if we can’t accept eachother

Thankyou :’)”

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“Is anyone else here ace and bipolar and has to deal with the hypersexuality symptom of mania? I feel like in other people’s minds they will invalidate each other. If someone knows I’m ace, they might be less likely to believe I’m hypersexual during a manic episode. If someone knows I’m bipolar, they might be less likely to accept I’m ace due to the “crazy sex fiend” stereotype.

It’s also so annoying to deal with balancing both! Even though my asexual identity is just bc I’m not attracted to people, and I still sometimes have a sex drive, it’s still fairly low. But then during a manic episode it can skyrocket. Which is just inconvenient for so many reasons on top of typical mania issues. (Example one: impulse sexual encounters and then the people thinking they’ll still have the same chance of getting in my pants when I’m stable.)

Just wanted to vent and find out if I’m not alone?

P.S. I’ve also encountered aphobes who are literally aphobic BECAUSE they experience hypersexuality. “I’m hypersexual and it’s hard so I think aces are the worst and also can’t be queer.” I think that’s the worst one for me.”

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“CW: acephobia, TERFs

I get into mud slinging fights with TERFs on Twitter sometimes. Apparently their tactics now include portraying asexuality as a risk of puberty blockers, and explicitly portraying it as a horrid pitiable fate instead of a valid and healthy sexual orientation. Because why not throw aces under the bus while they’re persecuting trans folk and calling it feminism. </vent>”

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“Tw rape mention and other gross things

I joined a group on Kik earlier today (# gunsgunsguns) because I needed help identifying some firearms, everything was going well and I stayed for a while, talking to them and having a good time, I had mentioned I was a minor pretty early in the chat. Anyway, the conversation later turns to sex, okay fine, i mention I’m asexual and then it all goes go shit, I calmly explain it to them while they pull the usual aphobic crap and this all goes on for a while, they repeatedly ask me about my sexual interests and I answer as vaguely as possible in an attempt to get them to understand, eventually this one guy who’s Kik is waffletime98 if anyone would like to know, decides it would be fun to “joke” about raping me so I realize I’m not asexual. I express my wild discomfort with his behavior and he doesn’t stop. I leave the group after that and I get a message from him saying “don’t think you can escape this cock” and of course I block and report him. It was generally a bad time 0/10 wouldn’t recommend”

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