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“Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a recent episode of a show I like called “Nathan for You”. There’s a new episode where he helps a struggling business by creating the world’s first Asexual Computer Repair shop. S04E06″

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“Did anyone see the newest episode of Nathan for You? It’s about an asexual computer repair shop. It was pretty funny as his show is usually, just curious if anyone has any thoughts about the portrayal of asexual people, was it done well, etc. Overall I thought it was a fine representation of the facts in a very light hearted and respectful way.”

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From the inbox #904

“Hey! I was wondering if anyone had seen the new Star Trek and the character Michael Burnham. She seems like she might be potential Ace and or Aro representation.”

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From the inbox #874

“I was watching a playthough of the new South Park game. I’m not generally a fan of the show and don’t watch it but a YouTuber I follow is playing it so I decided why not watch. As you go through it let’s you choose your gender and whether you ar cis or trans but it’s the second time you visit this that has me writing. When you visit the second time you get to address sexuality the options are ” boy, girl, neither and (I think) other”. Although it doesn’t say it directly I felt that the neither option hinted at asexuality. Perhaps more is revealed later. I understand that South Park isn’t the most savory thing to many, but I was sort of excited to see the possibility that your character could be ace.”

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From the inbox #856

“Hello! Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but Mackenzi Lee’s next book “The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy” will have a main on the aro/ace spectrum! The book’s coming out next year tho, so there’s still a bit of waiting to do.”

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“Hey I just wanted to let you guys know the webseries turned into a TV series, High Maintenence has had an out and proud Asexual characted far before bojackhorseman”

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From the inbox #822

“If there were to be a prominent asexual character on television, what would you like to see? In terms of characteristics, stories, etc? What would you definitely NOT want to see?”

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“Before the renewal of jughead comics the old archie comics said that jughead didnt want to have a relationship because it seemed like his friends only got in trouble with it. We accept that as his being cannonically aroace in the time it was written, but is that definition ok (nowadays) if a person identifies as asexual or aromantic because they see cheating or trouble from relationships, or if they see it as too much to deal with?”

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“What if Mario/Peach is/are actually ace and Peach/Mario is/are just really respectful of that and hence why there’s not really a huge romantic vibe in the games??? 😮

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