What is asexuality?

Asexuality – The lack of sexual attraction towards people of any gender.
Basically how straight people feel towards people of their own gender and how gay people feel towards people of another gender. That’s it. No sexual attraction towards anyone. Not to people, not to animals, not to plants, not to inanimate objects. No. Sexual. Attraction. There’s no hidden agenda. It’s not a celibacy vow. It’s not slut-shaming. We just don’t feel that way about people.

Asexual people may still feel other types of attraction,
like aesthetic attraction (“I like the way they look!”)
and/or platonic attraction (“I’d like to spend time with them!”)
and/or alterous attraction (“I’d like to be close to them!”)
and/or romantic attraction (“I’d like to date them!”)
and/or sensual attraction (“I’d like to touch them!”);
just not sexual attraction (“I’d like to have sex with them!”).