From the inbox #969

TW: Alcoholism, BPD

“Feeling kind of lost and just wanna put this out there. my girlfriend suffers from borderline personality disorder and alcohol addiction.

She loves me, i know that, but when her BPD is triggered she loses control and it’s amplified by her drinking.

Last night she wanted to have sex. I identify as gray ace, and sex, most of the time, just feels wrong to me. usually it isn’t a problem, especially since we are poly and she usually goes to her other partners for sex. but last night she took it as rejection and it triggered her BPD. She was drunk also.

she acted dismissive of ace identity existing at all and argued that relationships don’t work without sex. she threatened a break up.

The screwed up thing is I know for a fact she loves me and is afraid I will break up with her, but she has absolutely no control over herself hen triggered.

I don’t want to leave her because of her disability. People with BPD often have fears of being left behind. I’m always conflicted when things get like this.”

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