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“wanted to share something with the group which i found funny at uni a couple weeks ago. I have a professor who lectures on sexual preference as part of his lecture course and one of his slides was looking at viewing times. So he asked us to look at these four images and think about which one we looked at the most. The images were two of conventionally attractive people, one of a baby polar bear and one of chocolate cake. I spent like 80% of the time looking at the cake, and didnt even notice the people until he started explaining the slide. I just wanted to share this because I feel like it makes top ten most ace things I have ever done, and it is really reassuring for me because I have an illness which supposedly affects libido and I was starting to worry if I would remain ace when I got on treatment (I know this is silly).
As a side note, my professor is awesome because both he and his core reading for his course accept and mention asexuality as something valid in the research. 🙂 Just felt like sharing”

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