From the inbox #963

“Is anyone else here ace and bipolar and has to deal with the hypersexuality symptom of mania? I feel like in other people’s minds they will invalidate each other. If someone knows I’m ace, they might be less likely to believe I’m hypersexual during a manic episode. If someone knows I’m bipolar, they might be less likely to accept I’m ace due to the “crazy sex fiend” stereotype.

It’s also so annoying to deal with balancing both! Even though my asexual identity is just bc I’m not attracted to people, and I still sometimes have a sex drive, it’s still fairly low. But then during a manic episode it can skyrocket. Which is just inconvenient for so many reasons on top of typical mania issues. (Example one: impulse sexual encounters and then the people thinking they’ll still have the same chance of getting in my pants when I’m stable.)

Just wanted to vent and find out if I’m not alone?

P.S. I’ve also encountered aphobes who are literally aphobic BECAUSE they experience hypersexuality. “I’m hypersexual and it’s hard so I think aces are the worst and also can’t be queer.” I think that’s the worst one for me.”

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