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“I need some advice. I’m still trying to figure out my sexuality. Pretty sure panromantic demisexual defines me, but I’m not sure yet. Regardless, I think I’m somewhere on the ace spectrum as I don’t really experience sexual attraction much. My bf is allo, and he tries to be understanding, but I can tell it discourages him when I’m not in the mood. He feels like I’m not attracted to him and like he has to beg me for sex. We have sex, and I find it enjoyable most of the time, but I never really feel in the mood beforehand. I feel bad when I say no to sex, because although he’s understanding, I can tell it bruises his ego a bit. I’m all for my right to say no, and not give a shit about if that hurts some allo’s ego, but it’s a bit different because I love him and I don’t want him to feel discouraged. Anyone else been in a situation like this and have any advice?”

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