From the inbox #954

TW: Sexual harassment

“So….I have a question/situation for the group: a guy at work seemed to be interested in me. He passed me a note saying he’d get to know me better. I’ve been avoiding him ever since. The other day he touched me (grabbed my arm) I pulled away from him, but I didn’t say anything to my supervisor, because I didn’t want to be “one of those people” who complain about stuff. Recently I was asked to talk to supervisors because he’s done similar things to others.
When I talked to my supervisor, I was left with the feeling that everything, including this guy’s subsequent actions, was my fault because I didn’t report. I tried to explain why I didn’t say anything (um….I’m a lifelong aro ace and I’m not sure how to deal with stuff like this.) I wasn’t in trouble with my supervisor, but he kept using words like “self justification” when I tried to explain why I didn’t report.
I didn’t know I should report. For all I know, what he’s doing is normal flirting behavior…
I don’t understand. I’ve worked at the same place for 11 years. Now, after the interview with my supervisor, i feel like a freak. I want to stay with my job. How do I deal with this?”