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“I’m sure similar posts have been posted here before, but I’m looking for advice. I grew up in an extremely broken home. There was no love there, no sense of family or belonging. I was always the outcast at school, and never really felt like I belonged in my friend group either. I’m 25 now. I still have yet to find a place I feel like I belong, and some days, the loneliness is unbearable. Yet I have no one to help chase away the loneliness. I’ve spent my whole life alone and isolated. I’ve always been very ace/aro, and all my relationships failed due to that. I want SO SO badly to feel like I belong, to not feel so damned lonely ALL. THE. TIME. I’m usually a very independent person, and I like my independence, but this loneliness. It’s a physical ache in my chest. I wonder if it’s just too much to ask for sometimes. I just need to know: Do any of you have any tips or suggestions to help me with this? Please?”

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