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“I have come to terms that i am asexual. Still a bit confused about a few things. I am both sex-indifferent and sex-favorable. Which is very confusing. I am a people pleaser, i use to use sex to make my partner happy as that is the social norm. Most partners leave me when my sex drive goes down. I can go long time with out sex. I have a very short window when i am sex-favorable . once the deed is done i go back to not wanting to be touched or in the mood for sex. That can go on for months to a year. Its so hard to keep a partner. I explain to my partner that they can have sex buddy, only if we both agree on the person and rules are folowed. Is that to much to ask. Feedback would nice to hear from this group. I am currently have no partners as they have all ended badly. Currently just working on me.”

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