From the inbox #936

“Seemed to have my first real experience with being invalidated last night, though. It stemmed from a conversation about Australia’s recent SSM poll in a discord server, and then a LGBTQ+ acronym came up and someone started joking about what the ‘A’ stood for… I think I lost count of how many times I actually got called a plant? Anyway, asked them to stop because, y’know, kind of hurt. And then one of the admins felt the need to come in and say “That’s not what asexual means,” when I gave them the standard definition of what it generally is, all because they have a friend who’s also ace.
Anyway, seemed to turn into a joke for the channel then – someone even posted the aromantic definition (yes, aromantic, and I’m not sure why it came up) in the dedicated memes/jokes channel, along with an out of context quote of what I had said.

Worst part is that I was the one getting issues warnings when I had an arrogant teenager blatantly insult me and outright say “okay that doesn’t exist.”

I’d kind of been debating telling a few more people I’m ace, but now I’m definitely not.”

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