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“Hi I’m pretty new here.
I’ll start by saying I’ve been repulsed by sex since i was 21, im 26 now. I’ve always thought something was wrong with me because you just think “wow, I’m in my 20’s, i should love sex!”. I’ve gone to drs and had my hormones checked and they were fine. I was never touched as a child or a teen.

Anyways, my relationship with my daughter’s father failed because of it and now
The relationship i am currently in is. No one just wants to believe you have no desire to have sex. I just Don’t want to feel so alone anymore.

I guess my question is how many asexuals are out there that are repulsed by sex? Have you been in a relationship with a sexual person and how did it go? Is it even possible or even humane to be in a relationship with a sexual?


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