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“Hi there, fellow inhabitants of the coolest spectrum ever!
I need your help and experience to cope with my doubts: I’ve always been, and recently started to consciously identify, as sex-repulsed panromantic asexual. Now I’m in my first (and only, I hope) relationship with the sweetest girl ever, who identifies as heterosexual but appeared willing to abstain, I don’t know if just for my sake or other reasons.
Now, I don’t think I’m sexually attracted to her, and I have sexual anhedonia so I wouldn’t get any pleasure from intercourse anyway. Yet, I recently started to unwillingly think of having sex with her and “the hobbit in my Shire stands up for what’s good on this earth” everytime, and while she seemed pretty happy to know that, I’m starting to question my orientation all over again.
Any similar experience or words of wisdom from the community?”

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