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“Tw rape mention and other gross things

I joined a group on Kik earlier today (# gunsgunsguns) because I needed help identifying some firearms, everything was going well and I stayed for a while, talking to them and having a good time, I had mentioned I was a minor pretty early in the chat. Anyway, the conversation later turns to sex, okay fine, i mention I’m asexual and then it all goes go shit, I calmly explain it to them while they pull the usual aphobic crap and this all goes on for a while, they repeatedly ask me about my sexual interests and I answer as vaguely as possible in an attempt to get them to understand, eventually this one guy who’s Kik is waffletime98 if anyone would like to know, decides it would be fun to “joke” about raping me so I realize I’m not asexual. I express my wild discomfort with his behavior and he doesn’t stop. I leave the group after that and I get a message from him saying “don’t think you can escape this cock” and of course I block and report him. It was generally a bad time 0/10 wouldn’t recommend”

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