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“When I was twelve, one of my then best friends who I’ve cut out of my life confessed her undying love for me. It caught me completely off guard andi had no idea how to react. My dad saw me struggling with this choice of what to say and do, so he asked me this, “do you have any sexual attraction to her at all? Because if not, it just won’t work.” This confused me a great deal because I’d never experienced sexual attraction to anyone, but I figured at the time it was just because I was so young. Years passed and I still hadn’t felt that sort of attraction to anyone, not even someone I dated for almost a year. I felt luke something was wrong with me, and something was wrong with my feelings for my S.O. because of it. I started to feel like I’d never find true love. When I found out what being ace was I felt so relieved. Nothing was wrong with me, and while I still haven’t found my prefect someone, having this page and hearing ace love stories had given me a great deal of hope. Thank you.”

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