From the inbox #922

“My school has a club where we learn and talk about social issues such as racism, sexism, etc. And how to make life easier for minorities, and everyone in it is so awesome. I feel comfortable telling them things about myself that some of my closest friends don’t know about me. Normally, I hesitate before I say I’m ace, because I don’t want to receive backlash. But it came out so naturally, and they treated it like a normal thing. It honestly feels so great. It wasn’t even a big reveal. It was through a joke. Basically, I said something along the lines of laughs in asexual when we were discussing how my parents accused me of being a lesbian because I wear guys’ clothes and how my parents would pretty much give up on making me wear more feminine clothing if I was. (One of them told me to say I’m bi, then date only men as a sort of loophole for the clothing.)”