From the inbox #920

“I almost feel bad diverting your attention to my crap. Yay depression and toxic masculinity. Also hi I got diagnosed with depression at like 25 and autism at like “before I was out of nappies”.

I decided I got to hit the Like button after deciding I was demisexual at “best”, but had assumed I didn’t get the aro label due to so frequently and so quickly being consumed by what I took for romantic desire for others, often accompanied by at least not being repulsed at the thought of intimacy with them escalating to sex.

However it also occurs to me that if I tr to pinpoint what makes a desire romantic instead of platonic my brain generally returns either “more physical intimacy” or “error undefined”. Not sure if that’s an aro thing or a “aspie who doesn’t get outside enough” thing.

(see also: resorting to bad programming references to try to explain my feelings)”

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