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“Is it wrong I’m scared of coming out as aroace to the rest of my family? I came out to my parents and they understood, but I don’t think the rest of my family will because they’ll be like “you haven’t found the right one”/“you’re still young” and all that nonsense when I am 22 going on 50. I am repulsed by sex and romance in real life (yet I secretly write about nsfw fanfics, irony), and I have autism, plus I’m asocial. I don’t see myself as attractive and I’ve been told only ugly people are asexual, let alone harassed all my life in school years to the point of where I vowed to never go to college because it costs too much money and I don’t need to deal with bullying anymore. That, and I have parents who are 50s who need me to take care of them, so that’s out of the question too.

Either way, I’m afraid I’ll be harassed for not being attracted to anyone sexually or romantically and wanting to be childless and free. Most of my cousins and half-siblings have kids, but I have vowed to be the only one who remains childless and single.

Sorry this was so long, I needed to vent.”

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