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TW: Acephobia, bullying

“I just discovered some months ago that I am asexual and recently I started doubting if some experiences I experimented years ago were related to that and if acephobia and bullying for being ace really exists.
It’s known that lots of kids and teens LGBT experience bullying because if it, but what about when you’re asexual?
I experienced bullying and exclusion most part if my life, most when I was 11 to 14 years old, it happened because I had very toxic classmates and I wasn’t very social before either, I was too insecure and lack social tools to handle it. What I went through was most exclusion, jokes and harassment, not much verbal or physical direct harm, I didn’t thought that was bullying those years, though.
Now that I discovered that I am ace and started looking back to those experiences I am noticing that it wasn’t bullying just for those things, but it was very related to my sexual orientation unwillingly. See, I am a sex repulsive ace, I always have been, people noticed it late or soon but I didn’t know that that had a name yet. And all that was reflected in my bullying: someone wrote with a permanent marker in a locker in the classroom that I had sex there, someone called me one and another and another time ‘intercourse’, someone put porn in my phone, once we were playing mimic animals and someone told me to mimic an orgasm, two classmates changed the lyrics of reggeaton songs (sex songs) putting my name in those lyrics, someone tried a sensual dance with me in the middle of the class even if it made me uncomfortable (it happened more than once), they harassed me with personal and intrusive questions relationed to sex, etc.
So I wanna know: Am I the only one that happened through something like this for being ace? More people went through similar experiences for being ace, even if they didn’t know it yet? Is there a percentage of ace people who ere bullying for being ace? Being ace could be a cause of receive bullying and arousal? Bullying for being ace exists? It could be considered similar to the bullying other LGBT people receive? Can we prevent it? What do you think?
I wanted to share my experience to discover if I am the only one that went through something like that for being sex repulsive or if more people went through it and didn’t noticed it or didn’t say it yet.
Thanks for read all that (it went longer than what I expected haha).
A clarification: some of those experiences were after the time I went through bullying but they were jokes that went out of hand.”

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