From the inbox #91

“Upset is the word I’m looking for I guess. This weekend was a friend’s 21st birthday party. Me being only 20 I offered to be the DD for the weekend so that they could enjoy themselves without having to call an uber. The night was great we hit afew bars and then they decided they wanted to go to a strip club(damnit I regret taking them). We entered the place and obviously there were naked woman everywhere. My friends were all over these girls and I sat behind just to keep an eye out for my drunken comrades. Then I was approached…I was given a ticket for a free lapdance(probably because I am a 6’3″ white guy with wild hair, I was a visible from all sides of the place). My buddy’s obviously flipped out and cheered me on to get this lapdance. I sat down after a girl force grinded me down and I sat there as she danced…I refused to touch her, I didn’t want the dance in the first place and then she forced me to touch her. The minute she put my hands on her I freaked out and shoved her away. That obviously caused quite a issue in this club so I left. Why…why do I have to feel this way. I hate that I can’t go and enjoy a weekend with friends on their 21st because I’m ace. How do you deal with it? How do you handle awkward situations? How do you explain asexuality to a group of people who only understand hetero and homosexuality? I know this is long and a rant. If it’s too long just don’t bother answering it. I’m sorry…thanks.”

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