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“Hello! First time I write. I have something to say.

One of the reasons I don’t watch movies with another person are… Yes. Sex scenes. Why?
what is the neccesity of use valuable minutes of a movie with a fu*king sex scene?? I think it usually ruins a movie. It makes it comercial, it makes me feel uncomfortable (and more if you are watching it with another person). Yes, you can say “it’s normal in human life, couples do it”. But NO. I don’t speak of it. What do you say about horror movies? Sex scenes in these kind of movies are sh*t XD If you want to count the amount of movies that don’t need a sex scene to tell a good romantic story, or a story in general, for sure half of them are kids movies. I’m not sex repulsed ace, but I hate sex scenes in movies. They are usually forced because alosexual are the majority. I don’t like the fact that the society needs to see sex (yes or yes) between two persons to consider them lovers… And “sex cells” 😑
Just this haha
If you want to speak about good movies without sex scenes, I’m going to read the comments! 🙂

Sorry if I have English mistakes. It’s not my mother language. Thanks!”

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