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TW: Invalidation

“so i’ve been figuring out my sexuality for quite some time (as most people do) and ive finally accepted that im Gray-Ace/Demisexual. I’ve tried to come out and tell my mother this many times over the last few months but she just will not accept it. Just today as i was getting in the shower, she noticed i had bruises on my chest (i have a boyfriend and we do have sex). she told me to stop trying to label myself something im not. i tried to tell her that Asexuality is on a spectrum, but she wouldn’t hear it. she even tried to explain to me that Asexuality was plainly “You might have romantic attraction but you just dont act upon it”. i’m done with trying to explain to her that i need validation. I need to know if anyone else has this much of a problem with coming out as someone on the Ace spectrum.”

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