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“I’m a panromantic pansexual that really is attracted to aces all the time… I mean, once you realise that having tea, watching anime, cuddling with the other person and just talking about anything there’s nothing that could beat that feeling… Especially talking ! I dunno aces always sound so damn intelligent you just can have a conversation with them about litteraly anything, from history to the toughest mathematics and they’ll always leave you speechless like “wow that person’s so clever I just wanna stare at them and keep listening” so yeah out of the record I’m more than a supporter and have tried to support the ace society ever since meeting the first person that introduced me to the whole ace thing and explained to me what it is and everything. As for the latest post about whoever told you people that you are disfunctional, they don’t know a thing ! You are not disfunctional at all ! You’re all fine and should be waking up each day smiling, knowing that you are yourselves ! 😊

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