From the inbox #871

TW: Abuse

“Before I hit puberty I used to fantasize about sex but once I hit puberty I went through some minor sexual And non sexual trauma which gave me anxiety and depression. As I grew up I never felt any sexual desires. Not one bit and still dont. I’ve fallen for people but as much as I loved them I wasn’t sexually attracted to them and I didn’t want them to touch me or vice versa. I’m so confused with all of it as I don’t know if I’m gay or if I’m asexual. Now I’ve realized I couldn’t sleep with a man, tho im willing to try with a girl but I’ve never felt a desire to sleep with anyone and don’t masturbate either. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Even when I’m 100% comfortable with someone I never felt the need/urge/want. It’s frustrating to think im gonna end up alone because of this!”

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