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“Hi, I would like to clarify something and I feel this is the right ace community to turn to.

I have been a sex repulsed asexual until I got into a relationship with an allo. They respects my limits and they were very respectful to me not wanting sex. I took the initiative to sleep with them. But I am hella confused.

Because I don’t know if I am experiencing sexual attraction if it is sexual desire/horny? I don’t think I am experiencing sexual attraction because I truly just like the feeling of having sex more than the feeling of having sex with them specifically. I mean, I could easily satisfy with just masturbating, something I haven’t been doing before because I’ve found it gross, but now I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of masturbating and genitals in general.

But then again – I have no idea what sexual attraction is and if I am experiencing it. I would truly like to know because I’m so confused. Am I slowly starting to experience sexual attraction or do I just enjoy the act?

(I know it’s truly hard to tell what I am experiencing since my statement is confusing, but I would appreciate it if someone could explain how it feels to experience sexual attraction and if it is obvious if you’re experiencing it or not)”

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