From the inbox #86

“Found out I was autochorissexual 3 weeks ago just before Ace awareness week. Yup I like porn, I like erotica fiction sometimes, but when I’m done with my “business” I often feel discussed with myself. The act is pleasing, but the aftermath is repulsing. I can also spend days or weeks without the need to masturbate or watch anything, then I can get in a mood where I’ll masturbate/porn a few times in a week. I find doing sex either boring or repulsing, there are whole other stuff I could be doing then sex. On top of that I am aesthetically and sensually attracted to people (mostly girls, boys in certain occasions). And I maybe gray aromantic cause I don’t think I want a lasting relationship.

Finding out I was ace was liberating, but now I am just confused. The whole sex drive going on and off all the time is annoying, It’s like “make up your mind already.” To be honest I would rather not have these sexual desires that I can’t act upon. I know what sexy is, but I have no desire to have sex with people. Anyway I identify as ace because I’m not interested in having sex, but the autochorissexual plus aesthetic, sensual attraction part is confusing. Are there other people that feel they are in the same boat?”

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