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“Hello. I’m autochorissexual and aromantic, and it’s actually pretty hard on a mental level to accept that about myself because I’m constantly trying to change it – even though I know it isn’t a changeable thing. Some days, I’m totally chill about it, but other days I’m literally physically beating myself up about it because I’m broken physically and emotionally. I know I’m not actually broken, but I’m still broken. If that makes any sense? And I do have an SO, I actually have spoken with them a few times about this and they’re okay with my being ace/aro, even said they’re totally fine with my never really being able to romantically involved with them, they actually are probably the least likely person to pressure anyone into anything and I’m so grateful, but I sometimes feel like I’m cheating them out of a happy and healthy relationship? They tell me they’re happy with me, okay with how things are, but I still get paranoid about it. This is the part where I normally try to push people away so I can be sure they’ll find someone who isn’t… Well… Me. But they won’t let me so I have conflicting feelings about that.

Is there anyone else who goes through this??”

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