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“Hi! I am a Nineteen Year Old.I have dependably been befuddled about my sexuality and couldn’t have cared less much in my initial adolescents however since a year or two I was not sure and felt disheartened in some cases about where I fit in.I have friends that can be aroused sexually if they saw a naked person but I never felt that. From eighteen months I have been finding my sexual orientation.I went to a workshop few days back on Asexuality and I could identify with that so much and I had an astonishing knowledge then.After returning from the workshop I was so happy.I have never felt this much satisfaction in me being myself.I have dependably been such a great amount of individual about my body.I can’t envision myself touching somebody in a sexual manner.If I do there is dependably a shiver down my spine and I say to myself I can’t do this.After returning from that workshop I just looked down my body and said to myself that I don’t have to share my body to anyone.I can’t express that inclination I had that day.I know this is lame yet I was stating that entire day to myself and smiling that”I am asexual and that is alright”.”

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