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“I identify myself as an Ace however some very confusing things happened lately.
Reason I always thought I was different than the others is because I have never really been attracted to sex. The first time I even saw pornography as a teen I just wanted to barf while others found it stimulating.
I have had sexual relationships however most of the time I was just going through the motions. I did not feel any enjoyment or sexual attraction.

Whilst I do have urges occasionally, when it comes to having sex with someone I just cannot do it. I find the whole experience boring and also painful.
However, lately there is someone I am interested in with whom I did not accept to have sex with but I still wanted to be with him and we made out a few times.
I sometimes feel horny thinking about him and sometimes I regret that we didn’t sleep together.
On the other had when the opportunity came I just could not get myself to do anything with him apart from second base.
Help I do not know what is going on anymore, is this asexuality or something else?”

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