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“Sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I feel I am the only one that doesn’t feel sexual attraction …..(I have met demisexuals but never other asexuals) Sometimes I feel I’m the only person who feels disgusted with sex or anything involving it, like talks, movies scenes, jokes….etc….I also feel disgusted with other peoples sexual attraction….and also with people checking out others. what do they call it? oh, yeah….admiring beauty….idk. if I’m the type that can’t distinguish from someone hot from someone ugly or if I simply don’t give a damn about it and don’t feel like wasting my time doing it…..the admiring beauty thing also disgusts me… matter how much I educate myself about it…for me….it still seems perverted….I still respect the people that can feel all of those things that are disgusting to me….but sometimes I wish I could meet people who feel the same like me…it would be nice to play a game or watch something with someone like that…. but it feels hard to find others….especially knowing that some asexuals feels a little differently about this things…I wonder if I would ever meet one like me….especially a guy….but probably I won’t. Just wanted to talk to someone about it. Let it out.”

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