From the inbox #814

“I wrote this last night and I thought y’all might like it…🤓🤓

(By KC)

There’s a place I’ve never been, right behind my eyes, today I learned that you live there, and I was quite surprised.

I’ve always known myself alone and now I hear you laugh, and try to guess the tune you hum while sitting in the bath.

I taste your garden on my lips, the flowers in your hair, it comforts me in times of stress to know that you are there.

I smell your tea in midnight hours, you like it hot and sweet, and I gave you that comfy pouf you use to rest your feet.

I hope that you are comfortable in your little world inside, as I am comforted to know that I am occupied.

And when I feel alone again, I will remember this, and think my thanks again and smell your flowers, like a kiss.”

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