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“Hey! I’d really appreciate it if you could share this on the page as a little bit of hope for any ace person who feels as though they’re not wanted in the LGBT+ community
So last year I went to pride for the first time and it was one of the best days of my life and the whole time I was there, wearing my asexual flag as a cape, I heard no bad-mouthing of aces.
There was no mentions that we don’t belong, and I even met and saw a few other people proudly displaying their ace flags for everyone to see. There was also plenty of ace things to buy (I got a beanie which I wear all the time now)
But one memory that I will always treasure was when I was with my friends at a sexual health stall and they asked if we wanted to do a chlamydia test to get a free sperm key ring. And when one of the women noticed my flag she said “do you want to do one? Even though you don’t experience sexual attraction, doesn’t mean you can’t have or even enjoy having sex”
She was the first person I have ever met who completely understood what being asexual means without being a member of the ace community. (I asked and she said she was a lesbian.)
I just wanted to share this with other aces to show that there are people in the LGBT+ community who know about us, understand our orientations and accept us within the community as much as everyone else 💙🌈

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