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“One of my friends is starting to wonder if he might be asexual. He asks me questions about it, and yesterday we broached the topic of aesthetic attraction being different from sexual or romantic attraction. He needed help understanding that, so I made a metaphor that I’m pretty proud of:

Well like… (metaphor time!)

Ok. So. Cake. Because stereotypes.

Person A is allo. She goes into a bakery and sees a really pretty cake. It also smells really goddamn good, and she really wants to eat it because it’s chocolate cake and that is her favourite flavour so she buys it and eats it, but takes her time because that’s the kinda cake that you want to last.

B is an aromantic allo, so when he sees this same cake, he agrees that it’s pretty, and chocolate is his favourite flavour too, but the smell is really gross so he’ll eat it but he’s not gonna savour it for very long coz gross.

C is a young romantic asexual. They also like the look of this cake, and honestly it smells divine. But they don’t really want to eat it, chocolate ain’t their thinh. So, they’d buy it, and maybe eat it if they had to, but honestly the only part they really want or need is the smell. Smell is the best part.

Then there’s me, E. I like how pretty this cake is, but honestly the smell and taste of chocolate cake makes me want to vomit so I’m just gonna take a picture for my instagram and then leave because ewwwww.

(To clarify, the look is the aesthetic attraction. We all appreciate how it looks and want it on some level because of how pleasing it is. The smell is romantic attraction. Neither E or B want it for a particularly long time, because that part isn’t very nice to them. The taste is sexual attraction, which I reckon you can get from here.)”

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