From the inbox #81

“So I’ve recently identified as being asexual. I’m in a long term relationship of 6.5 years and we are getting married next summer. My situation is that my partner is Sexual and I feel like he’s getting jipped. He is very understanding and don’t push anything. However, I have developed feelings for another man. It’s very confusing bc of my asexuality. I’ve not liked anyone else. I’m comfortable in my current relationship bit I find myself wanting to cuddle with this other man. Cuddling is how I express myself bc I’m a sensual person. He’s also my fiancĂ© ‘s bestfriend. I feel horrible. I’m in a monogamous relationship but I may be open to something more? I’m just not sure what to do. I never have feelings or crushes like this. Help if you can my fellow aces!!”

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