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“Hello guys, I really appreciate your work on the page. Since I was 15 I had a hard time, realizing what’s my sexual orientation. It was a time of changes for how I think, feel, and interact with others. But thank to you, and your creativity and understanding, I went through all these things more easily.
Anyway, I’m here with a specific question.This year after such a long time waiting, I started planning a short trip to Barcelona and Italy. I’ve never been so far from my home and never been so scared of superficial friendships and bad people. Since I’m traveling with a small group of people, I was trying to make new friends. However, every friendship ended up much before the meeting, everything turned into one-night stand tries. Ace apps weren’t really useful since I didn’t find anyone from that area. I still didn’t arrive at my destination, so I was wondering if you could help me somehow? Share my story, give me a suggestion, advice. As an ace, sometimes I find all these things frustrating because you have to be really careful with people if you don’t want to be hurt. I love you guys and I’m really happy that you’re here for many young people like me. Your posts give us support in that way and inspire us not to give up! Thanks for everything! ❤️

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