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“I read a post saying (in summary) that “instead of putting the label ‘asexual’ on yourself you should seek therapy and get to the root of your issues”.

Id like your followers opinion on this:
I am seeing a therapist for issues unrelated to my asexuality and recently he started focusing on why I don’t want to have sex.

I gave all the reasons I’m sure we’ve all felt.

– i’ve never wanted to, with anyone.
– Yes I did feel pushed by society to give it a shot but it was not my cup of tea.
– nope no spark of attraction at all
– no I don’t miss it
– nope I’m happy being asexual
– yes asexuality is a real thing
– no I’m not upset. I’m angry that you can’t let me be asexual in peace

And so on 😧 He keeps poking at it with a stick and I wish he would drop it already. My sexuality is not a problem that needs to be fixed.”

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