From the inbox #8

“I recently saw the terms lithosexual and lithromantic being used on tumbler and it pretty much seemed like my situation. I like someone and I can be attracted to them in the beginning, but almost the moment that those actions are acted on (such as once I start dating someone) I no longer feel the attraction or connection. I have been dubbed “too picky” because I don’t keep anyone around long once we start dating. My longest relationship was almost 6 months and it killed me inside to continue dating someone I knew I was no longer attracted to.. I don’t believe labels are necessary, but I’m looking for the proper label to explain my situation so that the beliefs about me being too picky can be set aside. I originally saw myself as asexual, and that is what brought me to this group. However I now know that I’m not asexual, but this group has a wonderful support system and their is usually an answer for your question.”

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