From the inbox #783

From the inbox:

“Hi, I’m sex repulsed. The idea of sex terrifies me. I’m a 23, soon to be 24 year old male. Virgin. Before I discovered I was Asexual and before I discovered the Asexual community this fact really used to worry me. I’d seriously lose sleep over it. I would become upset that I wasn’t having sex and not knowing how to have sex and the fact I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sex. . Now I’m okay with the idea of not having sex.
. I’m worried that when I enter a relationship sex will be a massive issue. I don’t want sex. Full stop. Kissing and cuddling is brilliant but sex itself? No. I’ve heard of lots of Asexual people being broken up with because of sex. I’ve not been in a relationship in five years and I doubt I’ll be in one soon so this isn’t an immediate problem but still…


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