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“I need to tell you people (sorry if my english is not so good, i’m Chilean) the LGBT community, or the pages I follow… they are so awful people, they discriminate Ace people, ’cause they don’t understand us. Is sad, really. It’s just my opinion but I think they should be nicer with others. We are part of LGBT too, right? Maybe I’m wrong, but is sad to know that they are like that. LGBT is a community for people with different sexual orientations, but why they are so bad with us?! They said “why is a sexual orientation if they don’t have sex?” Couldn’t they read the posts in Internet? Why don’t asks? Why are they so…. bad with us?
I speak about latino community LGBT, idk how is the english community, but mine is literally SHIT.
This is from me and my girlfriend, we are asexual and she has seen things like that too.”

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