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“Hey friends! Thought it might be cathartic to get some feedback from the community on a longterm struggle I’ve been dealing with. I’ve known I was ace since I was in middle school. But a few years ago, I fell hard for my best friend and thought that the feeling was mutual. It got to the point with this guy where I felt comfortable even letting sex be on the table as a rare thing. Long story short, he shot me down. It’s been over a year since that and I’m still not fully over it, even after taking a break from the friendship to lick my wounds. We’re back to being best friends now, and I can’t imagine losing that from my life. But it’s terrible when he goes on dates or talks about the women he is interested in. I’ve mentally accepted that we’ll never be together. But it’s so hard to move on from someone when there’s no one else to reach out to.

I’m interested in finding somebody else to wrap my heart around. The only trouble is, I don’t want to get invested in another overtly-sexual person. I don’t want to compromise who I am, unless those feelings occur naturally down the line.

My question to you is this… How can I find other aces? I’ve never met any others in real life. The dating/friend sites online are like ghost towns, and there is no ace representation at the LGBT organizations near me. I think this would be easier to cope with if I didn’t feel like I was so alone. I see you all posting and sharing such kind, uplifting things, and thought that maybe your words might help. Thank you for being here!”

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